The Giant Bumpy Ball

My Dobie, Raven, loves the 5-Inch Vinyl Giant Squeaky Ball Dog Toy by Ethical. Maybe it’s the soft nubs on the ball, or the fact that it’s the right size to fit in her mouth, but it is one of her favorites.  She carries it around and drops it in front of me, so I’ll {Read More…}

7″ Soft Flex Swirl Ball

Our latest toy acquisition is a Soft Flex Swirl Ball.  I bought the large 7″ size. It’s just what its name implies – soft and flexible.  Leissl, my Dobie, enjoyed squeaking it.  The sound was soft, too.  Not at all obnoxious as some squeakers are.  Here, have a listen. My smallest dog, Dudley an Aussie, {Read More…}

JW Pet – Large Grass Ball

I bought a large Grass Ball for the dogs. I threw it into the back yard and we all went outside.  It was immediately welcomed by Leissl. However, when it was Luigi’s turn, he inspected from a distance. He inspected it close up, too. And deemed it valuable enough to fetch when it got unruly. {Read More…}

The Gus Ball

If you want to purchase a brand new Gus Ball on a Rope, click here to order Gus Balls. Quantities are limited. This is the Gus Ball.  I liked the softness and flexibility of it. And I thought my dogs would like the mouth appeal when playing fetch.  And according to the label, it was “ruffer” {Read More…}

Costco Activity Balls

These Activity Balls sold by Costco are a good idea; and for the right dog, they should work. They are a seasonal item, and I bought one of among seven boxes left.  I spent more time with them in the shopping cart I pushed around at Costco than my dog did before exasperating the soccer {Read More…}