Snowball Fun Toy For Dogs

This is the Snowball Wreath made with a 3″ Planet Dog Snowball attached to a small traditionally colored fleece Wreath, 7″ Diameter, 3.75″ grip. Festive fun! $24.99 You can buy the Snowball Fun Toy For Dogs, made with a Planet Dog Snowball, at The Dogs’ Toy Box.

‘Tis The Season 2.5″ Gus Ball on a Fleece Wreath

This is the Traditional Wagging Gus ball on a Small Wreath, 7″ Diameter, 3.75″ grip, with a 2.5″ red holiday Gus ball. The fleece colors are reminiscent of traditional holiday colors. $24.99   You can buy it at The Dogs’ Toy Box.

Happy Dog Gus Ball On A Gingerbread Fleece Wreath

This is one LARGE Tuggie! Two Tuggies connected in a one-foot diameter of Gingerbread fleece. In the middle is a 4″ orange minty-scented Gus ball. Gingergread’s bite is 5″. Gus balls are minty fresh and come in a variety of colors.  The holiday wreath Gus balls are available from The Dogs’ Toy Box in two sizes {Read More…}