Costco Activity Balls

These Activity Balls sold by Costco are a good idea; and for the right dog, they should work.

They are a seasonal item, and I bought one of among seven boxes left.  I spent more time with them in the shopping cart I pushed around at Costco than my dog did before exasperating the soccer ball.  I guess I should have shown my Dobie the picture on the back of the box on how to carry the ball because she couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into the ball.  Here’s a 30-second video and you can hear the moment she punctures the ball.  Shortly after that, another of my dogs chewed the black band off, and for $5 a ball, it didn’t take long to see my $10 investment deflate into nothing.  The Costco Activity Balls are not for my dogs, but maybe dogs with smaller snouts or ones with no aspirations to fit the ball in their mouths would make them last.

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