Tuggies Ordering Tips

Tuggies on Loops are soft on a dog’s mouth, yet sturdier than those without loops. They are especially helpful for the handler who has an Extreme Tugger – those dogs who shake and yank with all their might. Picking a compatible sized Tug on Loop for your dog will help him get a better grip while the handles help the human part of the team get a better grip.

For those who have Extreme Tuggers, a larger sized bite area can help give the handler a little more leverage. Here’s an example of an Extreme Tugger. Raven’s an above-standard-sized Dobergirl, who can yank me around if I’m not grounded and in the game with her. Choosing a larger size for her could help me get a little more leverage.

Here’s a sample of sizes. Sample of Sizes - Tugs on Loops

And here’s a sample of mouths to put them in.

There can be such diversity in sizes within a breed.
The first three, from the left are females.
Sizes are for non-traditional braids. Dobie sizes
The smaller dog in the middle is a male Aussie.
His two girl friends out-size him.
Sizes are for non-traditional braids.
Snout Measurements .

The shape of the bite


Tuggies over nylon are soft on a dog’s mouth, and less elastic on the stretch. They are more durable for Extreme Tuggers. Square and round shaped Tuggies, with no handles, are much more elastic and pliable. They make wonderful tug toys for dogs and puppies who are just starting out tugging, seniors who take it easier on the tug, and other dogs who prefer a softer and longer stretch on the tug. Traditional braided Tuggies are less elastic in general on or off nylon.

There’s a difference in the flexibility among the types of fleece Tuggies we offer. This video will demonstrate that and help in your decision on the type of fleece Tuggie that’s right for you and your dog.

Other Choices

Light Vs Heavy Nylon WebbingLight or heavy weight nylon?  If you’re choosing a Tuggie on nylon, consider the options. The light nylon folds easier and lays a little flatter.  If you’re looking for a one-loop pocket tug, that can be an advantage. On the other hand, the heavy weight folds against itself too, and is sturdier to grasp if your dog is strong and likes to shake the Tuggie.

Tail ChaserTail or not? A tail on the one-loop tug can provide extra stimulation for dogs who need to be prompted or are just starting out tugging. The extra dangling fabric is like eye candy to the dog. If you want something compact for stuffing in your pocket for training an experienced tugger, the tailless type would better suit your needs. On tugs with one loop, there’s a choice to include tails or not. On two-looped or slinky tugs with no handles, tails are included.

Length? If you want a one-handed portable tug toy, then get a size that will fit your dog’s mouth with a little left over. Pocket-sized Tuggies are good for training times when your dog is next to you, as in heeling or loose leash walking, or on the go. If you want to toss a reward for the dog that just did a great job; your dog can fetch the tug, and bring it back for some fun. Otherwise, longer tugs can give you and your dog more room to stretch out when you play, and if you have a couple of dogs who like to tug with each other, a Tuggie with more length will come in handy for them.

Interactive Toy?  The main thing about fleece Tuggies is they are interactive toys. If you leave them alone with your dog, you’ll most likely find they also make great shredding toys, which isn’t a bad thing if your dog doesn’t swallow the fabric and you are aware of the activity. Dogs like to shred and some enjoy carrying around a soft toy. If you go that route, the slinky Tuggie with no handles would be the best choice there.

Email me with any questions about your fleece Tuggie choices.